Kermetico HVAF and HVOF Thermal Spray Coating Equipment and Technology

Kermetico designs and manufactures HVAF and HVOF thermal spray coating equipment.  Kermetico sprays with the the HVAF and HVOF equipment, in our shop in California, USA. Kermetico develops HVAF and HVOF application solutions in our job shop.  Our entire HVOF HVAF product line has evolved from our spray shop work. Practical pragmatic thermal spray coating solutions serves as our real-world R&D lab.

Kermetico, Inc. manufacturers and builds in house HVAF and HVOF systems that operate a range of different velocity guns for the efficient spraying of tungsten carbide and metal coatings.

Our HVAF Carbide and metallic coatings sprayed with our Kermetico systems have high density and hardness, combined with excellent ductility.  .  This means outstanding wear and cavitation resistance of our impermeable, corrosion-resistant layers.

This high quality comes with lower coating costs.  Kermetico HVAF systems use energy effectively, resulting in high spray rates and deposits per pass four to eight times higher than conventional HVOF.  

Belt Polishing

We manufacture thermal spray equipment combining the advantages of both technologies: high quality + low cost of HVAF and compliance with HVOF standards.

Convertible HVOF and HVAF System: Operates in HVOF and HVAF modes

  • C7 – an HVAF/HVOF system for spraying large parts
  • C6 – a general purpose HVAF & HVOF gun
  • CID – an HVAF & HVOF gun to spray internal diameters 80 mm (3.15″) and larger
  • plus, can operate with all the AK guns

Multi-purpose HVAF AK systems, with a variety of spray guns:

  • AK7 – a high-power gun for the thermal spray of large parts
  • AK6 – a gun to spray tungsten and chromium carbide onto a balanced mix of parts
  • AK5 – a compact gun to spray smaller parts, thin walls, and complex surfaces
  • AK5-ID – a compact gun to spray internal surfaces 200 mm (8″) and larger
  • AK-ID – an 80 mm and larger internal diameter spray gun
  • AK-IDR – a rotating ID gun to spray 100 mm and larger bores
  • AK-HH – a hand-held gun for on-site coating

Specialized equipment:

  • SL – a specialized gun for spraying low melting point metals
  • SP – a dedicated gun for the most efficient precious metals deposition (spray silver, gold, platinum) 
  • STi – a specialized gun for the deposition of titanium and Ti-alloy coatings

Additional equipment:

  • HVAF Blasting Grit Feeder:  the grit blast preparation of parts to reduce coating cost
  • Gas Permeability Tester for an instant check of a coating’s through porosity
  • Powder De-Duster to remove fine particles from a metallic powder improves qualtity


Kermetico HVAF Coating Features

Kermetico HVAF carbide coatings are better than HVOF coatings for wear resistance, corrosion protection and production cost. The high speed of the in-flight particles (higher than 1,000 m/s) in our HVAF process makes ver dense coatings with high bond strength.

Kermetico HVAF coatings are gas tight.  HVAF coatings make an impermeable barrier between an environment and the substrate. HVAF process has a low spraying temperature 1,960-2,010°C and gentle particle heating lead to minimal powder phase transformation, and no elemental depletion & decomposition of the in-flight particle.  Instead of using pure oxygen like standard HVOF processes, Kermetico uses air in our HVAF, this significantly reduces the oxide content in HVAF coatings = better coating quality.

WC-10Co-4Cr Coating Features A Typical HVOF Kermetico HVAF HVOF System Modes

Economy Balanced Ultra
Deposition efficiency, % 40-55 60-70 48-58 36-42
Hardness, HV300 1,050-1,250 1,050-1,250 1,250-1,350 1,350-1,600+
Young’s Modulus E, GPa 300 400 450 450
Apparent metallographic porosity <0> Bond strength, MPa (PSI) 80+ (12,000+)
Range of as-sprayed roughness µm (µ in.) 3.5-4.5 (150-180) 1-3.2 (40-130)
Kermetico HVAF & HVOF equipment produces WC-based coatings with the highest fracture toughness, exceeding known HVOF.

Since the primary mechanism of wear of tungsten carbide coatings is attributed to the material brittleness, Kermetico’s HVAF overlay exhibits better wear resistance than pure HVOF versions.

You are welcome to visit our Kermetico Thermal Spray R&D center near San Francisco to meet our designers and see our equipment in action.

We efficiently deposit wear resistant and corrosion resistant coatings for varied applications, including:

  1. HVAF HVOF hard chrome replacement
  2. corrosion-resistant tanks and vessel coatings
  3. Carbide erosion resistant coatings for pipes, elbows, and fittings
  4. coatings for rolls in steel and paper industries
  5. repair of industrial parts
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The Cold Spray Process: Cold spray, Gas dynamic cold spray, supersonic particle deposition, is a high-energy solid-state coating and powder consolidation process.  In Cold spray a high-pressure heated carrier gas, (nitrogen or helium) accelerates a metal powder through a supersonic nozzle.  The powder forms a coating (surface engineering) or free-standing component (Additive Manufacturing).

Bonding mechanism: Cold spray bonding is a combination of mechanical interlocking and metallurgical bonding from re-crystallization at high strained particle interfaces.

Compared with conventional thermal spray processes, cold spray has advantages:

  1. metal powder sprayed is not fused or melted.  The effect of heat on the coating and the substrate material is very low.
  2. The high kinetic energy of the metal powder sprayed and the high degree of  the metal powder deformation on impact with the substrate produces a homogenous and dense coating.
  3. The range of coating thicknesses varies from 100 micron up to 5 centimeters or more. 
  4. Metal coatings have the same physical and chemical properties as the properties of the base material. 

Cold Spray can create mixtures of metallic / nonmetallic materials to form a coating or free­-standing structure.   

Some Cold Spray Applications:

  • Corrosion-resistant coatings (zinc and aluminum),
  • Dimensional restoration and repair (nickel, stainless steel, titanium, and aluminum),
  • Wear-resistant coatings (chromium carbide – nickel chromium, tungsten carbide – cobalt, and tungsten copper),
  • Electromagnetic interference (EMI) shielding of components and structures,
  • High strength dissimilar material coatings for unique manufacturing solutions
  • Field repair of components and systems.

Characteristics of Cold Spray

Cold spray is an efficient method for the application of Metals, Metal Alloys, and Metal blends for numerous applications:

  • Extremely low heat input
  • Structural and mechanical properties of parent metal
  • No real limit on deposition thickness
  • High deposit efficiency typically > 80%
  • Bond strengths > 10 ksi
  • Coating Strengths > 40 ksi
  • Porosity commonly below 1%
  • Powder microstructure and properties are preserved
  • No oxide formation,
  • No alloy decomposition,
  • No carbon, or combustion product entrapment
  • Compressive residual stresses in coating


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Thermal Spray produces smoke, dust, noise, sound, and gases.  In your job shop, you need the proper equipment to handle the spray process, which is sealed from the dust created by HVAF, HVOF, arc spray, wire flame spray, plasma spray etc.

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FAST AND ACCURATE! Diamond belts, films and strips ROLL GRINDING & FINISHING Diamond tools for rolls and cylinders Belts, strips, and lapping films for grinding, removing, and polishing of cylinders with hard coatings. Flexible diamond tools are easier to use, require less operators' skills, for more consistent and predictable results!

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Fireside Coatings LLC 
Spray-on Ceramic Protection for Corrosion and Erosion Resistance

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Teknokraft Indonesia Workshop 29 years since 1994

  • ISO 9000 Surface Engineering Workshop:
  • Tire Industry Specialists
    • Extruder screw specialist, rebuilding with Stellite 1, 6, 12, Extrudaloy 55
    • Banburry Mixer Total Overhaul, Kobelco, HF, Pomini, etc.
    • Mixer component repair, drop door, floating weight, rotors, latch pin
    • Installation and Commissioning of mixers
  • Pump Component Manufacturing and Repair
    • Pump Sleeves
    • Pump Shafts
    • Pistons, Plungers, compressor rods, HVOF Tungsten carbide, Ceramic, Colmonoy, Chrome Carbide   
  • Surface engineering processes in our shop, HVOF, Plasma Spray, Plasma welding, diamond grinding wear resistant coatings of Tungsten carbide, and exotic materials, Stellite, chrome carbide, Monel, Hastelloy, Inconel, and white metal, Babbit.


PT Teknokraftindo Asia
Workshop Services Indonesia

Kawasan Industri Millenium
Jl. Millennium 17, Blok J8 No. 1-2 Cikupa
Tigaraksa, Kab. Tangerang
Banten, Indonesia

Phone:    WA +6281905603262

Email:      stephen.booth@teknokraft.com

Website: www.teknokraft.com



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About Company

Bexxon Global Singapore, We have a network of partner companies across the world, to help you with local service if needed. In Japan, Singapore, Australia, Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand, Korea, USA, Canada, China, France, Switzerland, UK, Turkey, India, Pakistan, New Zealand, Chile, Peru, Mexico.

Special industrial surface engineering processes  

Contact us to discuss:

  • Optimal thermal spray process for you?
  • VRC Metal Systems high pressure cold spray services and applications
  • Saving money on HVOF, Plasma, Arc spray booths and dust collectors
  • HVAF, HVOF, Plasma, Laser Cladding, made in either China, Europe, USA
  • Custom designed integrated systems. 
  • Factory direct prices? 
  • Diamond Grinding with tool post grinders, diamond belts
  • CNC diamond grinding of HVOF coatings
  • Discussions and technical support 

Bexxon: Factory Authorized Agent 

Buy factory direct.  Factory direct means the best pricing, reliable documentation, and assurance on the installation and commissioning. 

Bexxon Global is expert with:

  • VRC Metal Systems High Pressure Cold Spray: USA for metal deposition with no distortion, high quality overlays (High Pressure Cold Spray)
  • Kermetico HVAF C -HVOF excellent quality HVAF C Kermetico Tungsten Carbide coating technology, spray rates up to 33 kg per hour
  • KGS Swiss diamond belts and tool post grinders TPG
  • Fireside Coatings USA, spray-on ceramic coatings for boiler corrosion, slagging, corrosion, and erosion resistance, XP61, F61, XP61-S
  • Turnkey Liquid Fuel HVOF and Mass Flow Plasma systems made to world class standards using world class components in China, in a professional factory, with 30 years of experience.
  • Spray booth, spray lathe, dust collectors, and design

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What is Arc spray?

Arc spray uses metal wires as the coating material. An electric arc provides the heat source, one positive and one negative wire.  The opposite charged wires short circuit, forming a plasma temperature of 4,000°C.   The wire melts, and once molten, compressed air to atomize and accelerate the feed metal towards the substrate.

Arc spray can also spray two different wires simultaneously to produce a pseudo alloy, often a bronze and a steel wire are used for coating cylinder heads and engine block.  Cored wires containing tungsten carbides and special alloys can be sprayed as well.

Arc spray systems for aluminium and zinc have extremely high spray rates and can coat large areas quickly.

Arc spray process diagram

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What is HVOF spray?
HVOF is a High Velocity Oxygen Fuel.  The HVOF is a combustion process.  HVOF fuels can be Hydrogen, Propane, Natural Gas, or a liquid fuel such as kerosene.

The combustion process generates an extremely high velocity gas stream. The gas stream propels the powder particles at near supersonic speeds. 

HVOF key benefits are the extremely dense and low oxide coatings. Low oxides:  Since the powder particles spend less time in the flame, and lower flame temperature 3,000 °C compared with plasma spray:  HVAF (high velocity air fuel) has an even lower flame temperature than HVOF, and produces coatings that are even less oxidized, and more ductile.

As well as producing excellent bond strength, some HVOF coatings can be sprayed very thick due to the exceptionally high velocities producing coatings in compression instead of tension.

Learn more about the latest process of HVAF, high velocity air fuel, and HVAF C combining both high velocity air fuel, and high velocity oxygen fuel process in one system.  Click here to learn more about high velocity oxygen fuel

Typical HVOF coatings

  • Tungsten carbide
  • Chrome Carbide
  • Nickel & Cobalt based super-alloys, Stellite,
  • Triballoy, Inconel,
  • Iron based alloys, AISI 316L, etc.
  • MCrAlY

Main Industries applications

  • Aerospace and Industrial Gas Turbine
  • Paper Industry
  • Oil, Gas, Mining
  • Replacement of Hard Chrome
  • Wear resistance Sliding, Abrasive, Erosion, etc.
  • Chemical resistance
  • High Temperature applications


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What is thermal spray ?

What is thermal spray: "Thermal spray technology is a process of applying a coating to a surface using a high-velocity stream of molten or semi-molten particles. This process is often used to improve the surface properties of a material, such as increasing its wear resistance or corrosion resistance.

The thermal spray process involves heating a wire or powder material to a semi-molten or molten state, and then accelerating the material through a nozzle using a high-pressure gas. The material is then sprayed onto the surface to be coated, where it rapidly cools and solidifies.
One of the key advantages of thermal spray is that it can be used to apply a wide range of materials, including ceramics, polymers, and metals. This makes it a versatile option for a variety of coating applications.

Thermal spray has a wide range of applications, including aerospace, automotive, and biomedical industries. It is also frequently used in the repair and maintenance of equipment and machinery.

Stay nerdy and keep up with the latest developments in thermal spray technology!"

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