Fireside Coatings Spray on Ceramic XP61-S

​Anti-Slagging Ceramic Coating for boiler tubes

​XP61-S is a single component ceramic coating engineered for boiler tube corrosion protection.  Fireside Coating XP61-S has high surface lubricity and sliding abrasion resistance on both carbon and stainless-steel boiler and furnace tubing. XP61-S is formulated to stop slag build up on boiler water walls and to prevent fouling in elevated temperature generating sections of coal fired utility boilers.
The Ceramic is applied to a dry film thickness of 150-400 microns. 

XP61-S is thermally neutral.  It bonds well to carbon steel or stainless-steel substrates.  Upon curing XP61-S becomes a durable ceramic coating that will provide protection of metal surfaces to 982° C and will withstand thermal cyclic conditions to 1093° C.  

Reduce Slag build up with Ceramic Coatings

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Fireside Coatings XP-61S properties
Maximum Service Temperature982 C
Bond strength2,180 psi
Tensile Strength2,260 psi


  • Resistant to 1,800° F (982° C)
  • Resistant to severe cycling conditions
  • Corrosion resistant
  • Prevents slagging and fouling
  • Resist gases, oils, solvents and most acids
  • Non-toxic and non-reactive
  • Good mechanical bonding
  • High surface lubricity 


  • Power Plants 
  • Refineries 
  • Chemical Facilities
  • Cement Plants
  • Pulp and Paper
  • Steel Processing 


  • Boiler water wall tubes
  • Superheater and reheater tubes
  • Burners
  • Boiler roof tubes
  • Nose arch tubes 

Fireside Coatings XP-61S properties
Dry time between coats @ 50% R.H., 70° F 1 hour 
Volume solids 96%
Theoretical coverage @ 1 mil. D.F.T.  600 sq.ft./US gallon
Thinning liquid 
None required
Metal temperature during application
50° F – 150° F  (10 C - 66°C)
Weight per gallon 
7.95 kilograms
Storage temperature 
33° - 100° F (0.6°C - 38° C
Shelf life        
One Year
Cure conversion temperature begins at:  
260° C
cSt 15.84 
Standard Packaging5 US Gallon pails (~18,93 liters)