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About thermal spray coating:  Plasma Spray Typical coatings

​ Plasma Spray Materials (plasma spray powders)

  • Ceramics
  • Carbides & Cermets 
  • Iron, Nickel & Cobalt based alloys
  • Abradables

 Key Industries and applications for plasma spray

  • Aerospace
  • Industrial Gas Turbine
  • Wear resistance, Sliding, Abrasive, Erosion,
  • Corrosion resistance
  • Thermal barriers

What is plasma spray?
The Plasma Spray Process (known as APS = atmospheric plasma spray) uses the heat of the plasma (ionized inert gas) as the heat source.  Argon is the most common primary gas used to create the plasma.

Argon flows between the electrode and nozzle. A high frequency or high voltage alternating electric arc is struck between the nozzle and the electrode, which ionizes the gas stream. By increasing the arc current, the arc thickens and increases the degree of ionization. This has the effect of increasing the power and, due to the expansion of gas, an increase in the velocity of gas stream.

The very high energy and temperature of the plasma is ideal for the melting of high temperature material, especially ceramics.  The powder is injected into the gas stream, and applied to the surface of the part.

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