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Tool Post Mount Diamond Belt Grinder

2 inch by 48 inch variable speed belt grinder

Bexxon Tool Post Belt Grinder, belt size 2-inch X 48 inch for grinding and polishing and other ceramic surface spraying of rolls, rollers, and shafts.  The best method of diamond belt grinding for HVOF coatings.

General Specifications:                                                           

Bexxon Tool Post Belt Grinder size 2-inch X 48 inch

  • The frame of Tool Post Belt Grinder is fabricated from steel plate is 30mm thick
  • Motor: 4.0kW, Variable-Speed, Brand: Delta
  • Contact wheel: Diameter 250mm x width 50mm (2inch), rubber coated aluminum alloy
  • Belt Tensioning with pneumatic air cylinder
  • Belt housing and cover: brushed stainless steel.
  • The left-hand and right-hand drive is done by using eccentric shaft on the drive motor of  linear slide rail.  This helps  to eliminate grinding chatter marks.
  • Size of Belt:1200mm x 50mm, 2-inch x 48 inch
  • Max RPM of Capstan: 2860/min, Max Line speed of           belt:37meters/sec, 2,220 surface meter per minute or 7,200 surface feet per minute, suitable for Diamond Belts
  • Overall Dimensions of Tool Post Belt Grinder: 400mm (length) x 600mm (width) x1050mm  (height)
  • Net weight of Tool Post Belt Grinder : 200kgs


  • Check to make sure the electrical power matches the input power of the tool post belt grinder, and the plug is properly wired and installed installed
  • Remove the lathe saddle from the tool post carriage
  • Mount the Tool Post Belt Grinder in position of the tool post carriage.
  • Attach  the Belt Grinder pedestal to the carriage with four bolts.
  • The center height of belt grinding head is 178mm.  The center line of the work piece and the belt grinder must match.  The center-line height of the tool post belt grinder can be adjusted by  adding a base plate.
  • (Safety warning:  Do not connect to power until belt is installed and cover closed) Pull the hand valve, install the diamond belt when air cylinder is in the bottom position and manually turn the rubber drive wheel counterclockwise, to see if movement of the belt from its track on the rollers.
  • During the initial operation, it is advised to choose diamond belt mesh from 200# to 400# depending on the roughness of the as “sprayed” surface spray of the target work-piece.
  • Plug in power to test if the rubber active rotates counterclockwise and connect the air source (with an air pressure of P/0.4-0.6MPa) as well as the cooling water (clean water with rust inhibitor is recommended).
  • Mount the cylindrical part to be ground, usually shaft or other cylindrical object. Make sure the part is straight and true, and properly centered, and fastened
  • Adjust the screws in the baseboard of the belt Tool Post Belt Grinder to parallel the axis of the target work-piece with the working face of the diamond sanding belt on the rubber active wheel, and then refasten these screws.
  • Connect the cooling water and the compressed air.
  • Open power switch of the belt Tool Post Belt Grinder, press the “Run” key on the speed control.  Let the motor turn for a one-minute idle running, without load, until the electric current shows no change.   The electric current is usually 0.7-0.9Hz without load.  Under-load the grinding process, set the rotational speed to 30-40Hz.
  • Switch on the swing button of the belt Tool Post Belt Grinder after feeding for a while.
  • Regulate the top hand shank can achieve the wheel contact & soft contact.
  • Turn on the lathe,  and work-piece must rotate in opposite direction to the diamond belt.

  • Diamond Belt Grinding using flexible diamond belts is high stock removal rate, efficient operation, lower labor costs, finer surface finishes and a reasonable initial cost for this precision tool post attachment.
  • Diamond belt grinding is faster than grinding with a stone..
  •  You can easily switch between grades of Diamond belts to reach the finish needed for each job.
  • In order to improve the diamond belt grinding process, our belt grinder is adjustable to support two different diamond belt grinding modes:
  • Diamond belt grinding on contact wheel gives best results in terms of accuracy and speed
  • Grinding on a free area of the flexible diamond belt provides a fast and effective finishing in order to save time even if further super-finishing is required