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The Clerici Engineering Switzerland MP-X System is the latest Multi-Process Thermal Spray System.  This Swiss made system, the MP-X offers the best process control and flexible operation of HVOF and Plasma Spraying.

The MP-X is manufactured to the highest quality and technical standards, ensuring optimum system performance ,  best coating quality and consistent HVOF and Plasma coating results.  The MP-X is designed with the most robust components mass flow controllers and plasma rectifier that allows remote access.

The operator software is optimized for easy operation.  It’s complete with data logging, multiple password control levels. The MP-X system is a true closed loop- system, using Mass Flow Controllers for gases, and includes liquid HVOF fuel controller for Kerosene.

The control system is the latest Siemens PLC, and all sub-modules (Jam Boxes, Power Supply, Feeders, etc.) are controlled via remote I /O PLC modules (professional bus network).

The MP-X system is modular.  The MP-X is set-up with separate Gas Modules and Jam Boxes for each of the spray processes, HVOF and Plasma.

The Touch Screen operation is very logical, easy to use and easy to learn.

The MP-X system is built to meet the highest safety standards::

  • self-diagnostic functions
  • system safety sensors
  • additional safety features for all system subcomponents
  • interlocked with the control unit.  

The MP-X system can handle commercially available thermal spray torches / guns. The operator can choose between 9 different plasma torches; and 1 torch (“Any Torch”) can be customer defined. This gives the unique advantage that the customer has the choice to use the optimum torch for a specific application. The MP-X will also operates all commercially available HVOF torches such as the JP-5000, Diamond Jet, Jet Kote, K2.

The secondary chopped Power Supply, of MP-X system enables operating different plasma torches at a high and constant quality level.  The secondary chopped technology guarantees a stable current and homogeneous constant plasma jet over the entire power range, even at very low power levels.  This means you can use small ID torches to coating very small bores.   

The MP-X system fully integrates with a wide range of peripheral equipment including:

  • Spray lathe
  • Spray booth
  • Robot and Turntable
  • Door interlocks for safety
  • Dust Collector
  • Water Chiller
  • Powder Feeder

Multi Process HVOF Plasma

Swiss made MP-X

What is Thermal Spray?

 Thermal  Spray is a group of industrial coating processes.  Thermal spray uses a heat source (combustion or electrical;) to heat up a coating material in a (powder or wire form).  The heat source melts the power/ wire into tiny droplets (atomized) and sprays the material onto surface to form a coating.  See the diagram

There are several "Thermal Spray"  processes:

  • Plasma Spray APS atmospheric plasma spray
  • High Velocity Oxygen Fuel HVOF
  • High Velocity Air Fuel HVAF
  • Arc Spray (twin wire arc spray for TSA )
  • Flame Spray (powder and wire)

Thermal sprayed coatings are typically sprayed onto metal substrates, but can also be applied to some plastic substrates. Thermal sprayed coatings uniquely enhance and improve the performance of the component