The Boot with large “L” shape door opening


2.1 Wall thickness 150mm, door roof of two sides, opened manually

2.2 Two observation windows

2.3 Anti-explosion lights will be on the ceiling 300lux

2.4 Operator Back door for man access

2.5 High quality push-pull handling, long term smooth operation of door.

2.6 Cable passages

2.7 Air-inlet opening, and inlet will be sound proofed

2.8 Door roof sliding on rails both on the floor and on top of the booth ceiling. Anti-derail device will be installed .

2.9 Electric panel for lights  and e-stop will be installed on the suitable place on the wall 

Spray Lathe: (rotating the part during spraying and blasting)

1.1 Spray lathe will be able to load 3 tons part, 6 meters long, Diameter 55 mm up to 350mm

1.2 Spray lathe rotation will be driven by a Mitsubishi servo motor

1.3 Max rotation speed RPM will be calculated based on the parts’ Diameter 55 mm up to 350mm as well as the weight.

1.4 Lathe will have chuck on each lathe head, with spring inside the chuck box.

1.5 An XY traverse for gun manipulation on a track parallel next to the lathe, integrating a suction accordion hood under the roll part, will suck the dusts created by the spraying by moving together with the gun manipulator above.

1.6 Travel speed controlled by a Mitsubishi servo motor.

1.7 A touch screen of MMI will be used as the control panel for both lathe and XY traverse operation. RPM of lathe, moving speed of traverse and travel round times can be set on the touch screen and the screen can show the travel round times after the system started.

1.8 PLC for controlling, and interfaced with HVAF machine with E-stop 

1.9 The axis for adjusting the height and the location of the gun will be done manually.

1.10 The lathe and traverse can move with wheels and can be fixed by anchors.




HVAF Spray lathe
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