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Thermal Spray Spray Parts

Powder feeeder and Thermal Spray Spares

Bexxon Global has a specialized team who are experts in different areas of thermal spray technology.

Processes like Wire flame spray, Powder Flame spray, Electric Arc spray, High Velocity Oxy-fuel (HVOF) etc. operate at very high temperatures, with aggressive wear & tear of the thermal spray parts.  Bexxon Global offers thermal spray spare parts at great prices, with the quality as comparable to OEM thermal spray parts and guns. .

OEMS replacement thermal spray spare parts 
• 11E, 12E, 14E, 16E – Wire flame spray models
• 5PII, 6PII – Powder flame spray models 
• JP-5000/8000 – Liquid fuel hvof model 
• DJ-2700 – HVOF model 
• 8830 – Arc spray model 

Our parts are 100% replaceable spare parts & equivalent models of all the above. .

USA HVOF and Arc Spray

  • 8830
  • 8835
  • JP-5000
  • SG-100

Jetkote Gun

Thermal Spray Spare Parts
Bexxon Global Pte Ltd has a wide variety of reliable thermal spray spare parts for most of the common thermal spray equipment. Thermal Spray spare parts for electric arc spray, wire flame spray combustion spray, powder flame spray (combustion), plasma and HVOF processes of most of the common manufacturers. Bexxon Global Thermal Spray spares are manufactured on (CNC) equipment to ISO 9001.  Our thermal spray spares are used and tested by leading job shops.

Bexxon Global thermal spray Spare parts includes...

Air Caps: Wire Combustion / Powder Combustion / HVOF
Contact Tips, Contact Tubes for arc spray
Electrodes & Electrode Holders for plasma spray
Barrels and Nozzles: Wire / Combustion / Powder Combustion / Plasma / HVOF
Powder Combustion nozzles
Powder Ports, Wire Guides

Perfect for Metco, Oerlikon, Tafa, Praxair, and Sulzer Brand equipment

Thermal Spray Spares
Plasma Spray Guns and spares

  • F1 Plasma
  • F4 Plasma
  • 3MB Plasma
  • 9MB Plasma

Flame Spray Spares

  • 11E
  • 12E
  • 14E
  • 16E
  • 5P
  • 6P
  • 5K

HVOF Liquid and Gas Fuel

  • Wokastar
  • Diamond Jet DJ2600
  • Diamond Jet DJ2700
thermal spray spare parts