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Rock Drill Tools

Founded in 2012

Rock Drill Tools


  • Threaded Rock Drilling Bits        
  • DTH Hammer Bits
  • Rotary Drilling Picks        
  • Road-header Picks
  • Road Milling Picks       
  • Coal Mining Picks
  • Soft Soil Cutting Tools         
  • Cutters For Hard Rocks

Founded in 2012, Luoyang Golden Egret Geotools Company is one of the cemented carbide backbones of "Golden Egret ".  Wholly owned by its parent company XTC.    XTC is dedicated to the production of high-quality tungsten products including tungsten powder, shard-facing materials, carbide anvils, carbide roll rings, carbide substrates for PDC bit, mining, and earth work drilling tools.

We focus on solving industrial problems such as wear resistance, crushing and pressing, striving to build a world-class manufacturer and service provider in the fields of mining and earth work drilling tools, carbide alloys and hard-facing materials.

XTC Geotools Rock Bits