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Bexxon Global Surface Engineering Product Range

HVAF Carbide Coatings

Bexxon we have selected the best quality products for Thermal Spray systems and engineered solutions.

  • Kermetico is the leader in HVAF / HVOF solutions from the USA, built by sprayers for sprayers.
  • GEM the inventor of the most widely used and robust roll polishing system, using microfinishing films
  • OSUCAS, built upon the successful team that worked for OSU Machinenbau Castrop Rauxel Germany, heavy duty arc spray solutions in modular form to build the arc spray solution that lasts
  • Tecnosupply, leader globally in PP and PE flame spray coatings from Italy
  • Nanolap Technologies for quality diamond lapping film, IMF, ILF for use with the GEM Microfinisher
  • Fireside Coatings LLC quality coatings for coal and gas fired boilers