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Thermal Spray Powders

  • Tungsten Carbide
  • Chrome Carbide Nickel Chrome
  • Oxide Ceramic
  • Alloy Powder
  • Pure Metal
  • Cermets
  • Laser PTA
  • Etc.,

Thermal Spray Powders

We have a powder for every process and application.

We have a thermal spray powder to meet almost any need.

We offer a line of chromium carbide and tungsten carbide powders to combat high- and low-temperature wear on your most critical components.

Using the most advanced oxide powder fabrication techniques, we manufacture a wide range of aluminum-, chromium-, yttrium- and zirconium-oxide based ceramic powders that are critical for resisting heat and wear.

Our MCrAIY powders are composed of cobalt or nickel (or both) alloyed with aluminum, chromium or yttrium to create the foundation for gas turbine hot section thermal spray coatings.

Pure Metals and Metal Alloys
We offer a wide range of aluminum, cobalt, copper, iron, molybdenum and nickel-based alloy powders to meet even your most demanding application requirements.

Thermal Spray Powders