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Diamond Belt Polishing Head Attachment for HVOF Coated Mud Pump Rotors

We have two versions.  Mud pump rotor grinding semi-automatic stand-alone (includes lathe components) or the mud pump polisher attachment for your lathe machine

The mud pump rotor workpiece is mounted in the lathe’s headstock and tailstock.  The work piece is rotated by the lathe headstock.  

The Diamond Belt polishing head attachment is mounted on the lathe machines carriage. During the diamond belt grinding and  polishing work, the carriage moves the Diamond Belt polishing head attachment along the axial direction of the mud pump rotor.

Technical Specifications

1.      Belt drive motor power: 3.0 KW, variable speed, frequency conversion motor
2.      Polishing belt surface speed: 20-40 linear meters per second, step less speed control and adjustment with variable speed frequency converter
3.      Maximum belt width: 100mm wide
4.      Maximum workpiece diameter: φ 280 mm (11 inches)
5.      Minimum workpiece diameter: φ 115 mm (3.5 inches)
6.      The maximum length of the workpiece: as this is an attachment to the original equipment, the length is limited by the length of the lathe.
7.      Power supply: 380V, 50Hz
8.      Belt polishing head attachment running noise: ≤ 80db

The Diamond Belt polishing head attachment consists of the following:

·       Belt polishing head attachment seat,
·       Belt polishing head attachment
·       The abrasive belt drive,
·       The driving wheel main shaft system,
·       The driving wheel,
·       Support arm,
·       Abrasive belt spring tensioning device,
·       Tension correction steering wheel system,
·       Belt polishing head attachment floating lifting device
·       Electronic control system and other components.

The upper part of the Diamond Belt polishing head attachment seat can rotate and can be manually rotated in a range of 360 degrees.  This allows the operator to adjust the match angle of the Belt polishing head attachment to the spiral angle of the pump rotor. The proper angle of the Belt polishing head attachment is then locked with a handle.  When loading and unloading the workpiece, it is also necessary to rotate the Belt polishing head attachment to a position that does not interfere with the lifting of the workpiece. See below.

The drive motor rotates the drive wheel to drive the belt at high speed (high surface meters per minute).  The belt is under tension with a spring tensioning mechanism.

The diamond polishing belt contacts the work piece on the free area of the belt, between the driving wheel and the tensioning wheel.  This permit grinding and polishing and the belt conforms to the shape of the workpiece.

Different widths of abrasive diamond belts are used, depending on the shape of the workpiece.   Grinding a twisted-shaped screw (mud pump rotor) typically requires a narrower belt.  Rotate the Belt polishing head attachment to an angle, at which the belt is close to the helix angle of the workpiece.   Adjust the rotational speed of the workpiece and the traverse movement of the Belt polishing head attachment along the workpiece in following the helix angle.

Grinding the outer diameter of the screw can be done with a diamond belt width of 60mm.
Grinding the bottom of the valley of the screw, the width of the belt is selected according to the width of the bottom of the valley of screw. 

Pneumatic system: It controls the lifting and lowering of the Belt polishing head attachment and allows the Belt polishing head attachment to float.
1.      consists of cylinders,
2.      electromagnetic reversing valves,
3.      air supply components,
4.      pneumatic lines.

The electrical control system consists of
1.      inverters, circuit breakers,
2.      thermal relays,
3.      intermediate relays, and
4.      operational safety knobs.

The polishing attachment head is built with the high-quality brands of electromechanical parts:
1.      Variable Speed Frequency Control Motor: Siemens
2.      Inverter: Delta Taiwan
3.      Bearings: Luoyang Bearing Factory
4.      Pneumatic components: Zhengtai
5.      Low-voltage electrical appliances: Delixi or Zhengtai
6.      reducer: Hangzhou Yuqiu Machinery Co., Ltd.

Sample Machine specifications are as per below, the machine is built custom fit to your lathe according to the specifications below, and dimensions according to the images attached.  When the Diamond Belt Polisher is  attached to a standard lathe, the diamond belt polishing attachment is moved along with the screw feed function of the standard lathe.  The mounting of the belt polishing attachment will be designed to fit to your lathe, customer to provide drawings and measurements.

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