Wire Dispenser / Wire Roll Handling

for processing wires from spools

The wire dispenser is mounted directly on the power supply which allows the mobile use, e.g. on construction sites.

Our new multi-purpose wire dispenser gives you the flexibility of using wires from all available spool types (hasp, mig reel and basket spools).

Metalizing Equipment from OSUCAS

OSU Arc Spray Machines
OSU Arc Spray wire feeder roll dispenser
OSU TSA Arc Spray machine
TSA Drum wire dispenser with power supply

Drum hood cover with wire dispenser

for processing wires from drums

The wire in the drum is protected by the drum hood cover against dust and other contamination. The wire dispenser is mounted directly on the hood cover.

The drum hood cover is made from robust, transparent material which gives you a view on the wire inside the drum at any time. An access opening with rubber tab allows the easy threading of the wire.

TSA Drum Wire Dispenser from OSU
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