OSUCAS 350 Arc Spray System (Push Pull Arc Spray 10 meters feeder to gun)

The OC350 is a powerful,  compact arc spray machine.  The OC350 is specifically engineered for your corrosion protection applications (zinc and aluminum thermal spray wires) TSA and TSZ.  The power supply is a heavy duty transformer-rectifier.  The transformer rectifier specifications are dedicated to  arc spraying.  Its generously dimensioned power components (at least 30 kg more copper coils) let you continuous spray operation with 100% duty cycle.  Cooling is by convection.  Sufficient cooling of the power supply is ensured even in the hottest tropical environments.  Metal dust contamination is reduced to a minimum. 

The OC350 is PLC controlled.  The PLC monitors all spray parameters, giving you reproducible coatings. “Error signals” are indicated by lamp on the angled panel of the power supply.  Error signals details are shown in on the PLC display.

Safety Protection:

  • ·        Overload Protection: 
  • ·        Overheating
  • ·        Air Pressure drop

 The OC350 has large castors (trolley wheels) for easy maneuvering of the power supply even in tough conditions on construction sites. 

OSUCAS newly developed DC power connectors provide highest power transmission (ie. low-loss power) with minimum heat generation at the terminals because to their large contact surface. 

OSUCAS modular component system allows configuring OC350 specifically to your requirements.  Typical configuration features are the length of the cable and hose set (up to 20 m with push-pull wire feed), the choice of the spray guns, hand-held, automated spraying or switchable version. 

The OC350 Standard Configuration consists of the following components:

  • Power supply OC350 with on-board feed gear WF4
  • Hand spray device OC1 with closed nozzle system for Zn, ZnAl wire 1.6mm, 2.3mm, 2,5 mm and 3.2 mm diameter wires
  • Cable and hose set 10 m
  • Optional: Wire dispenser or drum hood cover with wire dispenser

The OSUCAS power supply with maximum spray current of 350 A (at 100% duty cycle) is  compact and robust:

  • ·        Easy to set parameters, excellent operation gauges
  • ·        The angled panel gives the operator clear view of the controls
  • ·        Oversized castors (wheels) guarantee easy maneuverability even on the rough terrain of construction sites
  • ·        Optimized power connectors for high energy efficiency
  • ·        Proven rubber roller system, a continuous, trouble-free wire feeder model WF4


Optionally OSUCAS standard feeder model WF4 with rubber roller system;  the new feeder OC-Speed using friction clutch, provides improved wire feeding.  This OC-Speed using a friction clutch allows absolute trouble-free wire feeding even over long distances.  Wire feeding of zinc wire up to 20 meters is no problem.   The OC Speed can feed and spray even the most "rough-running wires". 

OC350-OC1 Details


OSUCAS Arc Spray Machine 350

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