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Optecoat Ceramic Coating

Ceramic Coating for boiler tubes

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Optēcoat™ dual color ceramic coating for boiler tubes (Patent pending)

Product Description

Optēcoat is a two color ceramic coating.  Optecoat ceramic coating is formulated to protect fireside boiler tubing, and function as a visual inspection aid. The ceramic coating is  environmentally safe, water soluble with operating temperatures up to  1093℃.

Optēcoat ceramic coating is perfect for coal fired boilers with water tube erosion, corrosion and slagging. This sprayed-­‐on ceramic coating system is very fast to apply, so less down time. Optēcoat will withstand severe thermal cycling from -­‐185℃ to 871℃.

The unique composite system is applied in two distinct colors. The white base coat is formulated to has strong bonding and is erosion and corrosion resistant. The base coat is applied up to 300 microns. The green top coat can also be applied up to 300 microns both coats can achieve a final coating thickness of 600 microns. This process allows for thicker applications that may be applied in areas that experience  higher erosive wear such as roof tubes, refractory interface areas, corners and cyclone inlets.  The top coat forms a strong chemical bond to the base coat. The coating has exceptional erosion and corrosion resistance, high emissivity and is thermally neutral.

 If there is still severe erosion is after continued operation,  the two color Optēcoat™ allows operators and inspectors to visually see any areas of erosion. These areas may begin to show the white base coat. Wear areas can then be identified and addressed before tube thinning or tube failure occurs. Coating thickness can be easy evaluated using a simple magnetic lift off device. Optecoat high bonding characteristics  permit (if required),  Optēcoat™ to be brush blasted and re-­‐applied to specification very quickly with limited down time and without removal of any existing ceramic coating.

Optēcoat Ceramic Coating Characteristics

  1. Protects boiler tube surfaces from erosion and corrosion at high temperatures
  2. Resists slagging and scaling
  3. Resists severe thermal cycling
  4. High emissivity and thermally neutral (not insulation)
  5. Optēcoat ceramic coating be applied to both carbon and stainless steel substrates
  6. Optēcoat two color application allows for visual verification of coating performance