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Flash Carbide HVAF​

Flash Carbide 30 micron Alternative To Hard Chrome 

Kermetico Flash-Carbide:

  • Extremely hard (over 1400 HV300)
  • Very dense coating
  • WC-10Co-4Cr carbide coating
  • Thickness 15-35 micron
  • Applied with Kermetico High-Velocity Air-Fuel (HVAF) spray
  • Low thickness deviation about 1 micron
  • As-sprayed surface roughness Ra 1.5 micron or lower 
  • Flash-Carbide surface does not require dimensional grinding
  • Final surface roughness is achieved with a simple polishing

Perfect replacement for Hard Chrome Coatings

HVOF Tungsten Carbide:  Diamond Grinding & Superfinishing from KGS Switzerland  KGS Swiss launches a new line of Diamond Belt Grinders with tool post mount to fit into your lathe, buy factory direct.

Diamond belts for grinding of shafts, sleeves, rolls, and cylinders.   Belts and lapping films for grinding and polishing of hard coatings. KGS Swiss Flexible diamond belts are easier to use require less operators’ skills and reach more consistent and predictable results! 

[KGS Swiss Diamond belt tool post mounted belt grinder] KGS DIAMOND and I are promoting KGS Diamond Belts and belt grinders.  If you ever find need for HVOF hard coatings and grinding. 

If interested, let me know and I will send you brochure and video ….  Stephen.booth@bexxo­­­­­


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VRC Metal releases new metal powder spray nozzle - ASM International

October 07, 2021 Source: ASM International

VRC Metal Systems, Box Elder, S.D. USA, has released a new nozzle for spraying metal powders with its high-pressure cold-spray systems. The new cold-spray nozzle is great for large-scale projects and gets them done in half the time.

This innovative nozzle differs from its other designs because it can deposit a much greater amount of metal powder than our previous designs, making it an excellent choice wherever there is a need to deposit a lot of material. VRC’s high-pressure cold-spray technology makes a lot of repair projects simpler and quicker, including aiding the Air Force in repairing aircraft parts. It even makes it possible to repair parts that are unrepairable by other means.

High-pressure cold spray comes with a host of benefits that make the entire process easier to carry out:

  • No limit on deposition thickness
  • High deposition rate
  • High consolidation (apparent porosities of less than 1% are readily achievable)
  • High conductivity
  • No chemical solvents
  • No melting in the process, meaning no molten metal fumes
  • No oxide formation, combustion product entrapment, or alloy decomposition

When it comes to particle deposition efficiency, cold spray is capable of over 90% for well-developed applications. The new nozzle maintains that efficiency, maintaining the low resource usage of VRC’s process.

VRC has developed cold-spray technology systems for a variety of industrial applications, including large-scale marine or other applications. Its newest powder nozzle is best for larger-scale projects and can be customized to fit the needs of any project.

For more information:

VRC Metal Systems

Cold spray webinar 

New VRC seminar, its short, only 10 minutes

This brief webinar “recorded” has a good amount on the service at site concept.