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mobile HVOF Plasma Multi process MP-X
mobile MP-X multi process


Mobile Thermal Spray system

  • Oxygen (O2) mass flow meter 24 – 1200 NLPM
  • Kerosene Controller 0..35kg/h //0..45l/h
  • Carrier gas mass flow meter 0.3 – 14 NLPM
  • Oxygen pressure Sensor 0-25bar
  • Kerosene pressure Sensor 0-25bar
  • Chamber pressure Sensor 0-16bar

Siemens PLC – Controller with touch screen 12“

JP-5000 Spray gun with barrel 6”

Gun  hose set 6m

Powder hopper 1.5l 

Swiss Made – JP 5000 mobile system

Bexxon Global Pte Ltd Singapore added the latest concept of thermal spray equipment to our product line.

The MP-X Mobile JP 5000 is the next generation of the JP5000.    The closed loop characteristics of the MP-X and mobile layout are superb.

The MP-X there is a Data Acquisition option that can offer our customers “real time”  accountability. While the coatings are being applied the JP5000 is recording how the system is being operated at the time of application. At the end of each project the JP5000 will print out a document showing that which has been recorded.