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  • The Tablet has a hard-wired illuminated E-stop and the whole device with its connected cable is rated IP67 (dustproof and waterproof when submerged under water for 30 minutes).

The Tablet Touch-Screen Interface through the integrated PLC provides all of the functions necessary for the operator to control the spray gun, powder feeder, and peripheral devices that are connected to the PLC’s electronic blocks (The PLC and electronic blocks are housed in the Controller).

The Tablet program contains a number of operating windows, providing an operator interface for:

  • setting the gun parameters
  • monitoring them in a real-time graphical mode
  • controlling the combustion chamber pressure, inlet and outlet pressure of gases and mass flow of gases
  • setting and displaying of the warning and safety shutoff alarms
  • setting and monitoring of the powder feeder parameters
  • adjustable settings for the “gun startup” and “powder feeder startup” carrier gas flow
  • adjustable settings for ignition parameters
  • displaying of running operations
  • uploading of pre-programmed parameters (default and customer-saved)
  • downloading of new parameters, etc

Kermetico HVOF Equipment Works in HVOF or HVAF Mode

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Kermetico Thermal Spray HVAF Convertible equipment is the final solution in the HVAF vs. HVOF equipment discussion. 

You no longer need to choose between HVOF equipment and our efficient HVAF processes for tungsten carbide coating.

You can use our Convertible HVAF & HVOF equipment spraying coatings in HVOF mode conforming to legacy HVOF standards or in an HVAF mode depositing higher-quality and less expensive coatings.

Our gas fuel HVOF allows spraying corrosion and wear resistant coatings with the best quality and cost.

Kermetico Gas Fuel HVOF Equipment and Thermal Spraying Process

Kermetico Gas-fuel High-Velocity Oxygen Fuel HVOF equipment utilizes continuous combustion of gaseous fuel,  oxygen and air to generate a high velocity gas stream propelling a powder feedstock towards the surface to be coated.

The powder partially melts in the stream and deposits on the substrate.

The resulting coating has low porosity and high bond strength.

Kermetico C equipment works in HVOF mode at a particle temperature up to 1,700°C (3,100°F) and accelerates the particles sized at -45/+15 microns to 700-850 m/s (2,300-2,800 ft./sec.).

The HVAF Coating Mode

Working in High Velocity Air-Fuel mode, our Convertible equipment deposits coatings using continuous combustion of gaseous fuel and air, propelling metal or carbide powders towards the substrate.

The feedstock is being heated below its melting point, and it is much less oxidized or decomposed compared to coatings made with conventional HVOF equipment.

Those features allow us to spray fine particles (5-20, 15-30 microns) accelerated to over 1,000 m/s (3,280 ft./sec.)

Smaller particles are difficult to spray with conventional HVOF equipment due to the high oxidation rate and partial evaporation in the high temperature environment.

Our Convertible equipment features a lower combustion temperature even in HVOF mode.

HVAF mode excludes evaporation and minimizes oxidation, leading to excellent coating properties.

Tungsten Carbide Coating Standards

Depositing certified tungsten carbide powders with Kermetico C HVOF equipment is 100% compliant with all existing HVOF standards for tungsten carbide coating applications, from aviation-specific SAE AMS 2447, 2448, 7886 to proprietary Schlumberger, Weatherford, NOV or Siemens standards.

The Choice of Hybrid High Velocity Thermal Spraying Equipment

Our Kermetico Convertible system can be used in an existing plasma spray or HVOF booth, in a new coating shop installation or even for on-site applications.

HVAF HVOF hybrid convertible HVOF mode