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High velocity oxygen fuel Gun

High Velocity Oxygen Fuel Spray (HVOF) The high velocity oxygen fuel spray HVOF process is a relatively recent addition to the family of thermal spray processes. HVOF uses a supersonic jet,  the speed of particle impact on the substrate is much higher, resulting in improved coating characteristics. The mechanism differs from flame spraying by an expansion of the jet at the exit of the gun. Fuel gases of propane, propylene, acetylene, hydrogen and natural gas can be used, as well as liquid fuels such as kerosene. 

Learn more about the Thermal Spray and the HVOF process at Bexxon Global Pte Ltd in Singapore.  Bexxon Global has more than 60 years employee experience with Thermal Spray

DJ 2700 torch manual HVOF torch Metco

Powder feeder twin type.

High velocity oxygen fuel coatings produced feature:

  • High density tungsten carbides
  • Low oxide content
  • High adhesion to substrate
  • Excellent machinability

Industries that typically use thermal spray HVOF high velocity oxygen fuel include:

  • Oil and Gas
  • Pulp and Paper
  • Biomass / Waste Incinerators, boiler tubes
  • Steel

HVOF Thermal Spray Key characteristics

  • Choice of configuration
  • Modular hardware that is simple to remove and replace
  • Low process gas consumption
  • Choice of machine-mount and handheld models


  • 88% Tungsten carbide  8812
  • 86% Tungsten carbide cobalt chrome WcCoCr 861004
  • Chrome Carbide Nickel Chrome CrC-NiCr 
  • Stainless Steel
  • Nickel Chrome Boron Silicon NiCrBSi

Standard package of HVOF system includes

  •  HVOF Control Cabinet
  •  High velocity thermal spray gun  Gun
  •  HVOF Powder Feeder
  •  HVOF Chiller
  •  Gas regulators and Hoses
HVOF DJF type manual flow tube controller Metco

Thermal Spray Manual Flow tube controller

HVOF powder feeder, twin 10 type

HVOF High Velocity Oxygen Fuel Thermal Spray system

What is HVOF spray?
HVOF is a High Velocity Oxygen Fuel.  The HVOF is a combustion process.  Using Hydrogen, Propane, Natural Gas or a liquid fuel such as kerosene.

The combustion process generates a very high velocity gas stream. The gas stream propels the powder particles at near supersonic speeds. 

HVOF key benefits are the extremely dense and low oxide coatings. Low oxides:  Since the powder particles spend less time in the flame, and lower flame temperature 3,000 °C compared with plasma spray APS.  HVAF (high velocity air fuel) has an even lower flame temperature than HVOF, and produces coatings that are even less oxidized, and more ductile.

As well as producing excellent bond strength, some HVOF coatings can be sprayed very thick due to the exceptionally high velocities producing coatings in compression instead of tension.

Learn more about the latest process of HVAF, high velocity air fuel, and HVAF C combining both high velocity air fuel, and high velocity oxygen fuel process in one system.  Click here to learn more about high velocity oxygen fuel

Portable for field or just moving around your job shop

Temperature, and pressure of cooling water
Power3ph /380V /5 kW
Cooling capacity15 kW
Rate of Flow15L / min
Output Pressure0.2 to 0.4 MPa
Temperature Range5-40 C

Regulartors & 


Regulators for propane, oxygen , carrier gas hose, cooling water hose
Serviceinstallation and commissioning

HVOF Controller Specification
Control Cabinet

Manual Gas Control

Compact panel

Easy to use

Perfect for on-site work

Electrical powder220V / 1KW
Control modeManual Control
Oxygen pressure / flow1.2 MPa / 310 L / minute
Propane pressure / flow0.62 MPa / 88 L / minute
Air Pressure / flowq0.72 MPa / 440 L / minute

Bexxon ZB 2000 HVOF Gun
Fuel gasPropane, Propylene
Cooling water0.2  to 0.4 MPa
Rated power110 KW
Flame Speed2,150 meter per second
Flame Temperature2,750 C
Particle Speed400 to 650 meter per second
Powder Mesh size10-38 micron
Porosityless than 1 %
Bond StrenghtGreater than 65MPa
Powder Feeder

Twin Hopper powder feeder, 

Very high precision, reproducible powder 

flow during long hours of operation,

2 hoppers are excellent for 2 layer coatings

Feed Type

Two (2) station feed,

Volumetric method

Powder size5-200 micron

Carrier Gas (N2 or Ar)


0.75 - 1.0 MPa

Feed Rate15-150 gram / minute

Feed Accuracybetter than 1% 

Mobile Portable HVOF High velocity oxygen fuel

Thermal Spray HVOF