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Kermetico HVAF HVOF

High Velocity Air Fuel

Bexxon Global Pte. Ltd. is the Exclusive Partner of Kermetico Inc. for Southeast Asia

Kermetico Inc., California, USA designs, builds and supplies High Velocity Air Fuel (HVAF and HVOF) systems that make high quality coatings of metals, tungsten carbide, and chrome carbide. More than one hundred systems are operating in the USA, China, EU, and other parts of the world.  Check out our video Webinar and application videos.

Major corporations and local job shops across the globe use Kermetico HVAF technology to make equipment lighter, lower cost and durable.

Kermetico HVAF Systems

  • Automated,
  • Hand-held
  • Internal diameter as small as 80 mm 
  • Rotating ID 100mm ID torch

Kermetico apply coatings of:

  • Tungsten carbides,
  • Chromium carbides,
  • Metals (Al, Ti, Sn), alloys (Ni-, Fe-, Co-based, MCrAlY, Inconel, Hastelloy). 

Kermetico HVAF made by sprayers for sprayers

High Velocity Air Fuel HVAF HVOF