• Large parts with diameter >200 mm 
  • Spray Rates 33+ kg per hour
  • A powerful gun with the widest range of combustion chamber pressures and the best coating quality on large surfaces. 
  • The lowest cost for large surfaces
  • Lowest oxygen content coating process.


  • Miniature gun for smaller parts
  • Spray rates 15 kg per hour
  • Designed for Spraying metals, alloys, and carbides for
  • Excellent for Smaller Parts below 200 mm diameter
  • Works inside ID from 200 mm and larger
  • Thin walls, complex surfaces.


  • Universal carbide gun for parts Diameters 5-250 mm
  • Spray Rates 28 kg per hour
  • Optimized design to spray tungsten carbide on a wide range of components
  • Power  70% of AK7 power.
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