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Thermal spray is a group of special processes. 

We help ..

  • defining your needs for a process
  • helping you to save money on spray booths and dust collectors
  • getting you a spray system that works today and will grow with your needs in the future 
  • Cold Spray, cladding, metal deposition with no distortion, high quality overlays for those impossible applications
  • HVAF / HVOF with excellent quality coatings, spray rates up to 33 kg per hours and flash carbide @25 microns thickness
  • Spray on Fireside ceramic coatings for boiler with high corrosion and erosion resistance

Green Ceramic Coatings on Boiler tubes

VRC Metal Systems High Pressure Cold Spray from USA

Kermetico HVAF Combination with HVOF Tungsten Carbide and Metallic Coatings

Diamond Grinding and Lapping Polishin