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Fireside Coatings XP-61S properties
Dry time between coats @ 50% R.H., 70° F 1 hour 
Volume solids 96%
Theoretical coverage @ 1 mil. D.F.T.  600 sq.ft./US gallon
Thinning liquid 
None required
Metal temperature during application
50° F – 150° F  (10 C - 66°C)
Weight per gallon 
7.95 kilograms
Storage temperature 
33° - 100° F (0.6°C - 38° C
Shelf life        
One Year
Cure conversion temperature begins at:  
260° C
cSt 15.84 
Standard Packaging5 US Gallon pails (~18,93 liters) 
Fireside Coatings XP-61S properties
Maximum Service Temperature982 C
Bond strength2,180 psi
Tensile Strength2,260 psi

Fireside Coatings Spray on Ceramic XP-61S and XP-61SG

​Anti-Slagging Ceramic Coating for boiler tubes

XP-61S is a single component ceramic coating engineered for boiler tube corrosion protection.  Fireside Coating XP-61S has high surface lubricity and sliding abrasion resistance on both carbon and stainless steel boiler and furnace tubing. XP-61S is formulated to stop slag build up on boiler water walls and to prevent fouling in high temperature generating sections of coal fired utility boilers.
The Ceramic is applied to a dry film thickness of 150-400 microns. 

XP-61S is thermally neutral.  It bonds well to carbon steel or stainless steel substrates.  Upon curing XP-61S becomes a durable ceramic coating that will provide protection of metal surfaces to 982° C and will withstand thermal cyclic conditions to 1093° C.  


  • Resistant to 1,800° F (982° C)
  • Resistant to severe cyclic conditions
  • Corrosion resistant
  • Prevents slagging and fouling
  • Resist gases, oils, solvents and most acids
  • Non-toxic and non reactive
  • Good mechanical bonding
  • High surface lubricity 


  • Power Plants 
  • Refineries 
  • Chemical Facilities
  • Cement Plants
  • Pulp and Paper
  • Steel Processing 


  • Boiler water wall tubes
  • Superheater and reheater tubes
  • Burners
  • Boiler roof tubes
  • Nose arch tubes 

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