Belt Grinding Attachment

  • Model 123 4 inch x 132 inch
  • Model 127 2 inch x 96 inch


Roll Grinders Machines

Parken, located in Australia, was founded in 1945

Parken house an extensive range of equipment including the latest in CNC Lathes & Milling Machines. We built custom made machine to Australia safety standards. It will all machines 100% Australian made.

Our manufacturing program includes.....

- Drilling Machines in floor, bench or gang type
- Abrasive Belt Grinders
-Linishing Machines
-Curving Rollers
-Automotive Clutch Grinding Machines
-Pedestal Grinding Machines
-Foam Processing Machines
-Special Machines
-Pattern Makers, Routing Machines
-Kwik Punch and Belt Guillotines
-Pilot Air Solenoid Valves


Diamond Belt Grinding Attachments

Use in a lathe machine

  • Grinding
  • Polishing
  • Designed for diamond Belts
  • Belts speeds to 10,000.
roll grinder attachment, diamond grinding of rolls
Parken Engineering Australia Belt grinder
diamond belt grinding of HVOF Tugnsten carbide
diamond belt roll grinding of HVOF carbide rolls
How to diamond grind a roll using belt grinder

Roll Grinding using coated abrasive belts brings the answer to the problem of high stock removal rate, efficient operation, slashed labour costs, finer surface finishes and a reasonable initial cost for this precision tool attachment.

Roll grinding faster than grinding with a stone..

Diamond Belt, Roll Grinding Attachment, Abrasive Belt Grinding of Hard Coatings

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Diamond belt grinding attachment