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Cold Spray is a thermal spray process; Cold Spray has the lowest overall temperatures and highest velocities of the thermal spray processes. Cold spray coatings are deposited in the solid state and possess the highest strengths of any thermal spray process.

Cold spray coatings cause minimal change to the microstructure of the powder materials deposited, except for extreme plastic deformation. Cold Spray does not increase the oxide content in the coating (comparerd to the base oxygen level present in the starting powder). Cold Spray is a solid-state process; the coatings are in a compressive rather than tensile residual stress state. This has a positive impact on fatigue and mechanical strength of the coating.

VRC Cold Spray Equipment vs. Weld Cladding or Thermal Spray

  • No heat affected zone
  • No oxidation of cold spray materials
  • Higher strength coatings for most metal alloys
  • No intermetallic formation for dissimilar metal coatings
  • No limit on deposition thickness
  • Minimal masking requirement due to focused particle spray path
  • No toxic fumes
  • Precise gas temperature control
  • Hand operable

Cold Spray Compared to Welding

VRC Cold Spray