Spray-On Ceramic XP-61-S  (sliding)
XP-61-S is a single component thin film ceramic coating specifically engineered to provide external corrosion protection while providing high surface lubricity and sliding abrasion resistance.  Excellent results on both carbon and stainless steel boiler tubing. XP-61-S has been formulated to slow the formation of slag build up on boiler water walls.  

XP-61-S prevents fouling in the generating sections of coal fired utility boilers. XP61-S recommended as a top coat over XP-61 in areas of aggressive erosion:  soot blower lanes or burners. 

The XP-61-S coating has excellent flow properties and can be applied to a dry film thickness of 150-250 microns. XP-61-S is thermally conductive and bonds well to properly prepared carbon steel or stainless steel substrates. 

Upon curing, XP-61-S becomes a durable ceramic coating that will provide protection of metal surfaces to 927°C and will withstand thermal cyclic conditions to 982°C.

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