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Bridgemaster® Arc Spray Machine Big Wires 3.2 mm and 4.8 mm

  • Big Wire, Large diameter wires:  Aluminum, Zinc, and Zinc/Aluminum wires, 3.2 mm, 4.8 mm diameter,
  • Combination Bridgemaster®  Gun cables with the spray wire, power leads, and atomizing air into a single flexible, lightweight cable.  
  • Fan Arc Spray: The Bridgemaster® fan a wide spray pattern for high production work.  
  • Power Supply Choices: Lightweight Inverters or Conventional DC Welding Power Supplies (rectifiers)
  • Modular design makes it easy fit to the needs of the sprayer.

Bridgemaster® Convenience

  • All controls and meters are  mounted on the front face of the wire feeder.
  • The 450-amp inverter power supply weighs just 54 kilograms. 
  • A variety of conventional DC welding power supplies are also available, for example 650 amp transformer from Miller is a good option in hot environments

Arc Spray System Requirements

  • Clean, dry, compressed air  65 CFM @ 100 PSI.
  • Electrical requirements: based on the particular power supply selected. Three-phase power in voltages of 208, 230, 380, 415, 460 or 575 can be factory set.

TMS Bridgemaster® Arc Spray System (BIG WIRE)

The Bridgemaster® is an excellent High Deposition Rate Arc Spray Machine.  Arc spray is a thermal spray process using two wires, compressed air, and electricity to melt metal to make metallic coating.

The Bridgemaster® is a heavy duty, lightweight, low energy, high deposition arc spray machine for applying metalized coatings. Arc spray in the job shop or the field ,  the Bridgemaster® metalizing machine works in any environment. Meters and Controls are on the wire feeder for easy operator control. Flexibility in design allows for a wide variety of possible configurations.  

Bridgemaster Arc Spray Machine

Thermal Spray Aluminium Solutions