arc spray thermal spray

About thermal spray coating:  Arc Wire Spray

Typical Arc Spray coatings (arc spray wires)

  • Stainless steel especially AISI 420 type
  • Nickel alloys
  • Copper alloys
  • Aluminium, Zinc for TSA and TSZ
  • Babbitt

Main applications

  • Wear resistance
  • Corrosion protection
  • Build up Coatings

What is Arc spray?

Arc spray uses metal wires as the coating material. An electric arc provides the heat source, one positive and one negative wire.  The opposite charged wires short circuit, forming a plasma temperature of 4,000°C.   The wire melts, and once molten, compressed air to atomize and accelerate the feed metal towards the substrate.

Arc spray can also spray two different wires simultaneously to produce a pseudo alloy, often a bronze and a steel wire are used for coating cylinder heads and engine block.  Cored wires containing tungsten carbides and special alloys can be sprayed as well.

Arc spray systems for aluminium and zinc have extremely high spray rates, and can coat large areas quickly.

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Arc Spray Power Supply: 

  • Heavy duty rectifier DC 40V 400A at 100% duty cycle.
  • Higher open-circuit voltage meets the need of heavy duty operation on site.
  • Dust proof housing and heat insulation for operating in harsh and dusty conditions.
  • Real time process control by PLC


Arc Spray Wire Feeder

  • 28 kg weight.
  • Enclosed plastic wire drum holders protect the wire from dust and fumes.
  • Push feeding.
  • DC motor ensures stable wire feeding .
  • Wire feed by synchronous dual wire feeding with 4 drive roll system on each side, offers steady and constant wire feeding of both hard and soft wires.
  • Portable, ready to enter into manhole for boiler on site application.

Gun Arc spray

  • Light-weight 1.1kg hand held gun, machine mount gun on request.
  • Engineered plastic gun body material protects from corrosion .
  • Range of  air cap supplied to satisfy various wires’ metallurgy. 

Gun cable and hoses  

5 meters standard length. Other lengths on request, contact to Bexxon Global about arc spray thermal spray process.

twin wire arc spray equipment from bexxon

Bexxon Arc Spray 400 thermal spray process from Bexxon
Heavy duty, robust arc spray system for spraying on-site boiler tube applications, or in your job shop.  Reliable machine for your needs at the right price.  Thermal spray process of arc spray is right for your job shop as its simple, reliable, and low cost.  Arc Spray thermal spray uses 2 wires, electricity and air to produce a coating.

Arc 400 arc spray power supply

Arc Spray Thermal Spray

Thermal Spray for job shops

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