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Special industrial surface engineering processes  

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Bexxon: Factory Authorized Agent 

Buy factory direct.  Factory direct means the best pricing, reliable documentation, and assurance on the installation and commissioning. 

Bexxon supports:

  • VRC Metal Systems High Pressure Cold Spray: USA for metal deposition with no distortion, high quality overlays (High Pressure Cold Spray)
  • Kermetico HVAF C -HVOF excellent quality HVAF C Kermetico Tungsten Carbide coating technology, spray rates up to 33 kg per hour
  • Fireside Coatings USA, spray-on ceramic coatings for boiler corrosion, slagging, corrosion, and erosion resistance, XP61, F61, XP61-S
  • Turnkey Liquid Fuel HVOF and Mass Flow Plasma systems made to world class standards using world class components in China, in a professional factory, with 30 years of experience.
  • Spray booth, spray lathe, dust collectors, and design ​

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