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OSU CAS Arc 400 amp

The OC400Tech is a compact and powerful arc spray machine. This arc spray machine is designed for technical applications for spraying:

  • cored wires
  • SS420
  • Bond Wire
  • Bronze
  • and all 1.6 mm hard wires

The power source with its transformer-rectifier system is designed with its characteristics specific to the arc metal spraying. By large size power supply  components, a continuous spray operation with 100% duty cycle is guaranteed. By means of convection, sufficient cooling of the power source is ensured and metal dust contamination is reduced to a minimum. 

The OC400Tech is equipped with a PLC control system, which monitors all spray parameters and therefore allows  reproducible coatings. Occurring malfunctions are indicated by signal lamp codes on the panel of the power source and shown in detail on the PLC display. The power source is equipped with safety devices, which switch the equipment in case of overload, overheating or pressure drop automatically in a safe operating condition. 

With the compact design of the OC400Tech together with the large castors and fixed castors, easy maneuvering of the power source is ensured even under tough conditions on construction sites. 

The newly developed DC power connectors from OSUCAS offer a low-loss power transmission with  minimum heat generation at the terminals due to their large contact surface.

The configuration consists of the following components: 
• Power source OC400Tech
• Energy cable and hose set 4 m
• Feed gear WF6
• Hand spray device OC-Mini with closed nozzle system for 1,6 mm wires 
including cable and hose set 1,5 m
• Optional: Wire dispenser or drum hood cover with wire dispenser