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Running a thermal spray or cladding job-shop, or the special process division requires high quality consumables, reliable equipment, and consistent technical support.

Spray processes designed, built and supported by sprayers.


Bexxon Global Pte. Ltd.’s team each has over 30 years experience with Major European and American Thermal Spray and welding OEMs.  Bexxon's team has direct hands on experience in Asia Pacific, Middle East, India, Australia, and China

Check out our quality range of surface engineering solutions:

  • Tecnosupply Gladiator Flame Spray Plastic and Pipe Jointing
  • Fireside Coatings Ltd for Green Ceramic Coatings on Boiler tubes
  • Kermetico HVAF HVOF Tungsten Carbide and Metallic Coatings
  • High Quality Plasma and HVOF systems from Switzerland
  • Spraybooth Spray Lathe 
  • Diamond Grinding and Lapping Polishing
  • Laser Cladding from American Cladding Technologies

We are actively seeking local applicators and long term manufacturing partners to build your business in Southeast Asia.  

We know the industrial market, agent, distributors, customers, and have a great track record of success in building companies quickly.


contact us at stephen.booth@bexxonglobal.com